Our investments span a wide range of industries around the world in established and growth-oriented businesses alike. Playing a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential, we uncover value by identifying great companies and enhancing their performance by providing patient capital and operating support to strong management teams. Our approach helps our portfolio companies grow core businesses, launch new initiatives, make transformative acquisitions and upgrade technologies and systems to support their long-term strategy.

What We Do

We provide more than just capital. We seek to make the companies we invest in stronger through a bottoms-up strategy of transformation. Crucially, we bring the expertise of our Portfolio Operations Group to provide strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements, including revenue growth, procurement, leadership development, lean process and IT optimization, energy sustainability, and employee health care.

Pro-active, targeted sourcing

Sector-based, theme-driven deal sourcing is the primary responsibility and mandate of our investment professionals. We aim to source high-quality and proprietary investment opportunities by proactively developing and leveraging strong relationships with companies and key deal intermediaries. At regular pipeline meetings with sector teams, we review potential opportunities and determine what resources – both are best suited to pursue those opportunities.

Value-oriented discipline

In determining value for new investments, we focus on a business's current outlook and judge the predictability of that outlook over time, while also factoring in what we can do for the business to drive even better outcomes after our acquisition.

Transformational operating improvements

We actively target companies in which significant value can be created through clear strategic and operational change, and created our Portfolio Operations Group to provide hands-on support to help our portfolio companies become more productive, efficient and valuable. Once a company joins the portfolio, we help management craft a plan to reach their full potential over the long term, and provide assistance as they put this plan into practice./p>

34.9 billion
Available Capital to Invest

We are constantly looking for situations where we see something, or we are able to add value in a way that our competitors don't. Our people feel the obligation to go out there and find special situations where we can intervene to drive change.

Our Portfolio

We are proud of Blackstone's role as a positive economic catalyst for the companies in our Corporate Private Equity portfolio. We work to identify, invest in and enhance the value of great businesses.

Global in scope, our Corporate Private Equity group has offices in Toronto, New York, London, Dusseldorf, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney. As of September 30, 2017, our Corporate Private Equity funds held interests in more than 75 companies.

  • Growth Equity
  • Development Projects
  • Buy and Build Platforms
  • Traditional Leveraged Buyouts

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